Monday, October 4, 2010

Handprint/Footprint Ghosts!!

I LOVE Halloween!! I love making Halloween crafts and decorations! It is one of my favorite holidays :)

I have been making Halloween crafts with D since the beginning of September. Mostly the crafts are pretty simple...for example, I cut out a pumpkin shape in white paper and D painted it orange, or I cut out a pumpkin shape in orange paper and cut out black shapes for him to glue on to make a Jack-o-Lantern.

Buut! One of my favorite crafts we did together was the handprint/footprint ghosts. It's super simple and super cute!!

Paint one hand and one foot with white, washable, paint. Make a handprint and a footprint on a piece of dark paper (I used black for this one), or you could use 2 different pieces of paper. If you use the same paper, make sure that the fingers and toes are pointing in the same direction!

When the paint dries, use a black marker to draw a face on the ghosts...if your child is older then have them do it!

You could use glitter to embellish your picture if you want. I chose not too because D is pretty young, and with the paint I had a pretty big mess anyway LOL.

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