Sunday, October 17, 2010

Handprint Spider!!

Handprint spiders are one of my all-time favorite crafts!! Super easy and super cute!!

I didn't have black paint though, so I made a dark purple color and hoped for the best :).

Paint the fingers and palm of your child's hand (do not paint the thumb). Press down on white paper.

You can either paint your child's other hand to make the second half of the spider, or just turn the paper over. Whichever you prefer! I used the same hand to make both sides (you may have to add more paint to the hand first!!)

Voila! A cute halloween decoration!!

If you want to make a spiderweb to go with your spider, there are a few options. You could take a piece of black construction paper, and put a blob of slightly watered down white paint in the middle, and either blow with a straw to make the web, or you can place the paper in a tray, and use a marble to roll back and forth through the paint to make the web. :)

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