Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Handprint Turkey

I usually don't do too many Thanksgiving crafts, but I've always loved the handprint turkeys! They are super cute and super easy to make, and this one D made I glued onto a piece of cardboard that was twice the size of the turkey and bent it over to make a centerpiece.

All you do is paint the palm and thumb of one hand with brown paint, and each of the fingers a different color (I used red, yellow, blue, and orange...but after I painted D's fingers he squished his hand together so his whole hand was pretty much brown LOL). Make a handprint on a piece of construction paper. I used orange, and when the paint dried I cut out the handprint and glued it onto a yellow piece of paper.

Take a crayon and, if your child is older, have them draw a beak, legs and a gizzard (I think that's what it's called LOL). For the eye, I just used a white and black crayon, but googly eyes work too. If you're feeling extra crafty, have your child glue different colored feathers on each of the fingers, or add some colored glitter!

Voila! A fun, cheap, cute, and easy Thanksgiving craft!! :)

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