Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Handprint Cactus!

I came up with this craft while I was watching Mister Maker, and he had made a cactus by tracing a mitten shape with his hand. I decided that instead of tracing a mitten shape, I was going to use handprints to be the cactus.
I took a sheet of yellow construction paper and had the kids spread glue on, and used a mixture of light brown sugar and cinnamon to make the sand. Once the glue dried, I painted each hand green and the kids made handprints to be the cacti. It's a cute craft that is super easy to make :)

To add extra detail, take a thin black marker to draw on the spikes on the cactus, or you could use a bit of dark green paint and a bit of light green paint for the depends how elaborate you want to go :)

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