Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snowman on a Snowy Day!!

I've been in a very glittery mood lately...maybe it's because of the snow and the days turning dark earlier...but that being said...D has been doing a lot of little crafts that include glitter. This craft was super easy and I think it turned out to be super pretty!!

All I did was cut out 3 circles out of white paper and had D glue them on a black piece of paper (his snowman is bowing LOL). I then covered the circles with glue from a gluestick, and D went crazy shaking the glitter onto the snowman. To make the snowflakes, I dipped a popsicle stick into liquid glue and made "snowflakes" and again, D went crazy shaking the glitter.

For extra embellishments, decorate the snowman with a scarf, top hat, or draw him a face before you put the glitter down. Make more than one snowman, or make a snow dog!! There are so many different things you could do to this craft to make it your own you just need to use your imagination!!

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