Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Egg Carton Caterpillar

This is one easy to do craft that you can do anytime...and it kept my little guy quiet for quite some time!!

Basically, you cut an egg carton in half vertically so you have a line of 6 bumps. I cut the other half of the egg carton into lines of 2 bumps to make "baby caterpillars" too. Give your munchkin a bunch of different paints and a paint brush, and let them go to town!! Or you can just color with markers or crayons (but that won't really work on a styrofoam egg carton)

For extra embellishment, add some glue and glitter!

After he was done painting, D drove his caterpillars around like cars LOL. Then he ripped the big guy up, so I have more babies and no "mommy" caterpillar...but that's ok :)

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